Search Engine Optimisation Case Study

Prepared by: Colin Rainsforth Design
Last updated: 1st November 2002

JammyJoes is a small toy shop based in Poole, Dorset specializing in educational and developmental toys for children of all ages.

I began providing search engine optimisation services to JammyJoes in May 2002 after the company became disillusioned by the poor performance of their previous supplier.

Following initial assessment, consultation and research a series of alterations have been made to the site to:

  1. improve the site's compatibility with the major search engines
  2. identify and target appropriate keywords and phrases

These strategic modifications have resulted in constantly increasing traffic levels over the past six months.

The graph below represents data taken directly from the statistics of the JammyJoes web site showing how the total number of page requests increased from 14,350 in January 2002 to 144,079 in October of the same year.

Total monthly page requests for
Jan 200214,350
Feb 200214,155
Mar 200216,111
Apr 200212,638
May 200215,726
Jun 200216,124
Jul 200226,471
Aug 200255,240
Sep 200257,756
Oct 2002144,079

Continuous reviews of search engine optimisation performance have enabled additional strategies to be developed which are expected to provide further growth over the coming year while avoiding a negative impact on the successes to date.

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